xTrader – Cryptocurrency Bot

You can now harness the profits of Day Trading, without ever making a trade yourself!

Does making passive income sound like a good idea? Now, it is possible without the scam Ponzi Scheme’s such as the recent Bitconnect scandal, because you control the bot and you control what to trade and how much you want to trade. No more “locked” investments, just your own personal trader – a bot running 24/7 while you go about your day. Our Bot supports most Exchanges using any coin.

We are please to announce our new Cryptocurrency Trading Bot. We give you xTrader

What is a bot?

Trading Bot, bitcoin bot, crypto trading bot, it can go by different names. It gathers data from the exchange of choice, with the coin(s) you’d like to trade, and follows trends: buying at the lows, and selling at the highs. It is a Day Trader. Instead of you, sitting at your computer attempting to catch the right time to buy and the right time to sell, this bot does all the work for you!

How does it work?

By using multiple strategies (such as MACD, RSI, OU, and many more including custom built strategies) this bot can accurately give advice on when to buy and when to sell (to go Long or Short the coin). Using the exchange API, it is able to successfully grab trading data, calculate trends, and make that buy or sell. We have been testing our The xBot for over a month now, and have had great success in gaining an average 15% returns a week. We aim for high accuracy, over high amount of trades. Many bots use basic strategies that focus on quick buys/sells multiple times a day, and while that can be good – in the end you have lower profits. Our strategy All trading while at the day job, or going out with friends. It gives you the freedom to Day Trade while never making a trade yourself.

To get you started: we will setup a personal Virtual Server for you, with xTrader running a Web Interface for your configuration. Everything is securely isolated and running over SSL/TLSv1.2 encryption to ensure you information is safe and secure.

You can set xTrader up as a tradebot, this will instruct xTrader to:

  • Watch a live market.
  • Run a strategy (in semi-realtime) over live market data.
  • Automatically create buy/sell orders based on signals coming from the strategy.

The long and short of it is: even if the market is in the red, with xTrader you are sure to stay in the green.

Here is an example of what xTrader’s results look like over the past two months:


Can I see a demo?

Of course! We have running bot with the Web UI. Import historical data, Backtest with different Strategies and candle times, even set up paper traders which runs a fake bot so you can see how/when trades are made and profit reports.

All bots are run on their own VM using a reverse proxy websocket, so each bot is isolated and not located on the web server. We take this extra measure to ensure you and your bot’s safety.

You can take a gander over here:

Username: demo
Password: xtraderDemo!1

For more information visit our main page https://simplecrypt.co/

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As with everything in Gekko, the tradebot will make decisions based on the strategy selected/configured/created by YOU. If you end up losing money, you have no one to blame but yourself.