Substratum (SUB) – Decentralized Data w/Coin Reward System

  • October 3, 2017
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Symbol – SUB

ExchangeEtherDelta, COSS, Tidex

Why is SUB a good buy?

Substratum has been anticipated for quite some time. In fact, when the coin was dropped onto EtherDelta, it had a value of 0.00001282 SATs ($0.04 USD). That is a massive amount, as it was held and has maintained well above 0.00001000 on average, since releasing. Upon hitting other markets, the coin will take off in great fashion.

Do they have a tangible product?

Substratum is a Decentralized NODE system. As such, it allows anyone who doesn’t mind leaving a system online with a somewhat fast and stable internet connection, to become a host and earn SUB coin. You essentially become part of the Substratum Network. Setup is a breeze, through a GUI based app (no Linux support yet) that you can get running in a matter of minutes. Point and click.

What gives SUB value?

Substratum has value because of what it provides to users of the network, decentralized storage. This will allow faster transmission of a client’s files over a more broad spectrum. Less hops, faster transfers, happier users.

Why is SUB profitable?

The profitability of the SUB coin itself is multi-faceted. Setting up a NODE, you also setup a wallet in which SUB is deposited into. How is this SUB coin deposited? By leaving the NODE online, and allowing it to remain part of the network. NODE supporters will earn more SUB the longer their system stays online and part of the Substratum Network.

When a user decides to utilize Substratum to host their data, they pay on a web-based portal (no special software or app needed) with SUB coin. One form of data which is slated, Web Hosting. These features will be a big leap forward in the data hosting sector, as it will provide quicker transfers and payments for such.

Who is involved on the team?

The group of developers presents a wide array of skill-sets, all of which are crucial to seeing the project through to completion. They are very active and open in day to day interaction with the public, this is shown through the daily Blog posting from the development team.

What is the future of the coin?

As with all Cryptocurrencies, the future is bright. With the whitepaper stating a very impressive road-map, which seems to be being adhered to, Substratum is sure to be one to keep on the radar.

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