HIVE Project (HVN) – Smart Contract Invoicing System w/”Credit Rating” System

Coin – HIVE
Exchange – HitBTC, EtherDelta

Is Hive a good buy?

Hive received “Best ICO 2017” from CoinAGENDA Global. Hive is a smart contract invoicing system. It allows users to create smart contacts and publish them to the Blockchain, in the form of an invoice. Once published, a purchaser can decide if the product offered is what they want, and at the price they like.

The coin (HVN) released to rave reviews and is currently trading above it’s opening price on the market.

Is it profitable?

The only way to operate on the Hive platform for smart contract fulfillment is by utilizing the HVN tokens. Users (seller and purchaser) will then be able to rate the transaction. Doing so will give a “credit rating” to the sellers of products, in a way to ensure a reputable merchant and to build a trust rating for good / qualified sellers. Ratings can be publicly viewed by anyone. By doing these things, Hive will ensure they can grow in both volume and value. Hive, will thrive.

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