Early September Sell Off

Thousands of people panic and start selling off all their coins, thinking “I better get my money’s worth while I still can”. Which is funny because looking at the numbers, across the board it looks like an average of -10% which isn’t huge, but it definitely isn’t small when you have millions invested.

In any case, now that the dust is settling from this morning and prices are low, it is time to buy buy buy of you were hesitant at all before. This shows, if it shows anything at all, is that thousands of people got played and the smart money investors know it. They just sold off a total of some 5 billion dollars in BTC (making a HUGE profit depending when they bought in. And then bought all that BTC back at a much lower price.

If this is what I think it is, a test, they just won. They just proved that there are many many “uneducated” crypto investors that will just follow the trends. And this will be exploited, again and again in the future

So again, are you a Smart Money Investor or a Dumb Money Investor?

If you sold off today in a panic because everything was dropping, I’m sorry to say you are a Dumb Money Investor. But there is good news, and that is what we are here for: to make you a Smart Money Investor.

So stay true, keep calm, and hold on. Oh and buy some more while it’s low

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