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  • Looking for a strong and established community of Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency users?
  • Want to make your Cryptocurrency product or innovation reach out to the right audience?
  • Starting a Cryptocurrency or Blockchain event anywhere in the world and need promotion?
  • Anything else that comes under the umbrella of Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Online security?

If that sounds like your story, then welcome to xCoinDesk.

We take pride in being one of the unique community that vets every information before we make it live. This has rewarded us in the term of a solid community and we strive to continue our mission of helping Individuals master Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies so that, they can invest, secure & use these digital currencies in the day to day life.

With over almost a million unique views per month, we are one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency community and service in this space and these numbers are only growing each day.

We will be a perfect fit for the promotion of your crypto/blockchain product, innovation, event or anything as long as that’s helpful and legit. (Don’t worry, we have our parameter to filter spam/scam from legitimate stuff).

If you understand our core mission and values, then we will be a good fit for a long-term partnership.

Here are a few advertising solutions we have right now:

  • Blog articles (Awareness, information, How to’s)
  • Social media promotion
  • Shout out of your product in xCoinDesk’s newsletter.
As of now, we entertain advertisement of below items for consideration on CoinSutra (but not limited to).
  • Blockchain Products
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Events
  • DApps
  • Cryptocurrency News
  • Decentralized Protocols
  • New mining services
  • Any new innovation around cryptocurrency, Bitcoin & Altcoin wallets, Crypto exchanges.
  • For exposure of your Blockchain/ crypto company or idea.

For direct advertisement, we offer 5 different spots for banner ads. The two sizes that we have are 728×90 and 300×600, please contact us for pricing.

Note: We don’t entertain ICOs, Pre-ICOs or pre-sales or token sales as of now but if your project is really good and you are ready to co-operate with us to provide all the necessary info about your project then we can think off something. And we reserve the right to deny an advertisement request that doesn’t fit our criteria.

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