UnikoinGold – eSports Wagering on Steam Games

  • October 18, 2017
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Would UnikoinGold be worth the buy?

UnikoinGold is being created to serve as a new entry into www.unikrn.com, an eSports spectator betting site. It is slated to be the only token of which you can utilize to place bets on Unikrn’s site. This adds a lot of value to the token, as the online gaming world is still gaining momentum. As more tournaments spring up, it will gain in value.

Do they have a tangible product?

Unikrn’s site is already functioning and doing quite well. It allows people to place wagers on daily tournaments featured though the Steam, online game-publishing platform. These teams have registered to be featured, and have their accounts linked through Steam. The wagers are placed on a spread based system, calculated from metrics directly off of a team or individual player’s Steam account record. This ensure an accurate comparison of the skill of the teams facing one another.

What will give it added value?

The added value of UnikoinGold is by winning wagers, a user is able to purchase raffle tickets, which can then be put into a prize pool. These prize pools have various in-game items as reward. These can then be added to a player’s Steam account, once it is linked through Unikrn’s site. It is a very unique platform that has come about, due to the advent of Blockchain Technology.

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